Candy Corn Jack-O-Lantern Cake

Candy Corn

This cake would be the perfect addition to any Halloween table! 

I'd like to start by saying I'm sorry for the grainy pictures- I only had my old camera available when I was shooting this cake...but you still get the idea! 

The "ombre" technique is NOT a hard one, and once you get the hang of it it's so fun to play with other colors!

Start by filling four different piping bags (or Ziploc bags!) with the different colors for the candy corn and jack o lantern face. You’ll probably need a bit more white because you’re also going to cover the top of the cake with the white part of the frosting. 

Cut one corner, or the tip off, of the three candy corn frosting bags. I start with my bottom color so that it doesn’t droop down and bleed into the other colors. In this case that would be the yellow! Grab your yellow frosting and pipe around the bottom on the cake. I had two rows of piping for each color on my 6” cake. Next, do the same with your orange and white. Once you have your rows piped onto the cake, you can either use a ***bench scraper, (Which I will link my favorite below) the flat side of a knife, or an icing spatula to smooth out the colors. You do this by placing the long flat edge of your tool against the side of the cake and dragging towards yourself. This is easier if you have a way to turn the cake as you drag your tool, but you can always drag scraper as much as you can, pull it away, clean it, and then start again on the next “side” of the cake. 


At this point, your cake should somewhat resemble the picture above. Using the same tool you used on the sides of the cake, you’ll want to flatten out the ridges on the top of your cake. (You can see them here in this picture) Drag your tool across the top of the cake from the far side towards yourself. 

Once this base layer is created, I always like to chill my cake for an hour or so before I pipe anything onto the sides or top. 

*My quick tip for piping anything onto a cake, if you’re feeling nervous, is to do an outline with a toothpick first. That way you can test out the spacing and shape and follow those lines with your piping bag.  (I am TERRIBLE at freehand designs and always get so nervous piping words or a picture onto cakes. It’s one of my least favorite things to do.)

I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot easier to pipe the jack o lantern face onto the cake if you have a piping tip inside your bag, but it’s doable without! Just cut a really small bit off of the end of your bag and do a test line on a piece of parchment or something else to make sure the size of the hole is right. 

Once you have the right size hole or piping tip in your bag, you can start to follow the face outline you created with your toothpick! When you’re happy with your Jack O Lantern, place it back in the fridge to firm up - you don’t want a droopy face! 

Chill for another hour or so - The design can definitely be done the night before and kept in the fridge in a cake carrier or other airtight container.

Take your happy Lantern out of the fridge before your party and place it on your Halloween table for a sweet treat as well as an adorable decoration!!


*** Ateco Bench Scraper  

*** Cheaper Ateco Bench Scraper