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Meet The Hot Sugar Baker!

Hi! My name is Kim and I am the Hot Sugar Baker! I currently live in Queens, NY with my boyfriend and our pug, Bo Dog. I came to NYC to become a stage actress and have been lucky enough to perform amazing roles in theatres across the country, such as Maria in 'West Side Story' and Peter in 'Peter Pan'. When I'm not baking or auditioning, I teach kids cooking classes at a cooking school called Freshmade NYC where we teach kids how to cook healthy and nutritious food! After working consistently as an actress for 2.5 years I hit a bit of a dry spell and began to channel my energy into my baking business. My Instagram following began to grow, and I was featured in a local Queens magazine after only a few months. Even though it seemed like I could keep my business growing, I realized that instead of having people order from me, what I really wanted to do was provide a resource for others for their own vegan baking needs! So here we are, with the brand new

Hot Sugar Baker Blog!



Why Hot Sugar Baker?


My goal has always been to make vegan baking accessible to all people, not just to the few of us who LOVE spending their days off in the kitchen trying to figure out how to substitute an egg in a recipe. When I first became a vegan, I felt like all of the baked goods I tried to make always had a bunch of strange ingredients, or just didn’t taste right when it finally came out of the oven. So I started to experiment. I took what I had in my pantry and through trial and error started creating my own vegan cakes and cupcakes. After hearing my boyfriend say "Of course it's good, it's hot sugar" a few hundred times, it finally hit me that Hot Sugar Baker was the new name I needed to start baking under! For this blog, I want to create recipes for you that are sweet, easy and vegan. 


Let's get real about what being a vegan is really like. 

All the cake porn you could ever want.

The recipes you've been craving.



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