Vegan in the City

Vegan in the City

I would say one of the questions I get asked the most when people find out I’m vegan is: “Isn’t it hard to eat out?!”



It’s not hard at all!! Make up your mind and just do it. Seriously - it’s that simple. Especially when you live in a city like NYC. The vegan community is thriving and growing and incredibly supportive of one another. Some of the top chefs in the region are vegan! There are so many AMAZING restaurants that are fully vegan or have great vegan options. I feel like nowadays it is almost weirder when a restaurant CAN’T accommodate my diet. I’m not expecting every restaurant to have a vegan menu (but oh my god wouldn’t that be the coolest), but come on….You can’t create one salad without cheese or a cream based dressing?!  *insert eye roll here. As I said in my bio, I’ve traveled all over the country for performing and have ended up in some smmaaaaallllllllllll towns. Like, population 2,500 small. Sometimes it’s a little harder to make it work in places like that, but there’s always a grocery store and there is always fresh produce. You just have to Tim Gun it. MAKE. IT. WORK.

Here are a few of my personal favorite restaurants in the city! Let me know if I missed any important ones!!

*Isa Chandra’s restaurant in Brooklyn. Pricey, but very awesome space and food

*Diner in Brooklyn. Seriously amazing diner food. Their pancakes are the BEST.

*Pricey, special occasion dinner place. INCREDIBLE FOOD.

*Non vegan restaurant with a TON of vegan options. Get the cauliflower in tahini sauce. You’re welcome.