How to be Instafamous

If you've come to this post looking for tips on how to get THOUSANDS of followers and become a rising Instagram've come to the wrong place. I have NO IDEA how to do either of those things. However, if you want to hear about how frustrating it can be to try and break into this world, and try to do everything right only to have people UNFOLLOW you....well then come on in my friend. 

When I started my instagram account, it was a under a different name and served a completely different purpose all together. I had newly become vegan, and was searching for a community to connect with. I found it with other #vegansofig, and through some time and commenting, began to really forage friendships over social media. My instagram/blog didn't have a bunch of followers but I didn't care as much back then. It was less of a game. However, as my vision transformed for what I wanted to do with my account, I realized that I would have to participate in the networking aspect of the social network. I am a TERRIBLE networker. I hate to 'pretend' connect with people. It's a true pet peeve of mine. I'm not the girl with a thousand friends that are just a phone call away. I have a few people that I would consider true friends and almost half of them are family members. Two of them are my parents. 

I started the transition by changing my name from thissimpleveganlife to hotsugarbaker. I knew I wanted to start the business side of my baking ventures with this name. I started taking photos on a white background with a nice camera. I hashtagged (is this even a WORD?!) like crazy. I commented and liked everyone else's photos in my feed. I even went so far as to look up posting and liking trends to find out the best day and time to post pictures. After a year or so of this, my growth is still minimal. So how do I play this game? How to I get my content out there so that people can see vegan baked goods can be pretty AND delicious? 

I don't know.

There are times that it seems truly helpless. I question whether my stuff is worth posting, or if I should keep going. But I love what I do. And whether it gets 40 likes or 400, I will continue to bake. I believe in what I do, and the people who have tried my baked goods believe in me too. If I spend my entire baking career making goods for my friends and family, so be it. I will have shared the message most important to me. Everyone deserves to #treatyoself. No matter what dietary restrictions you have. It is my absolute favorite moment when someone says "Oh I wish I could, but I'm dairy free" and then I get to watch their face light up when I tell them to go ahead and eat the cupcake, because it it also dairy free. This is why I will continue to bake and get better. If I get more followers - great. If not - I'll still try to make as many people fall in love with vegan baking as I can. 

...and never forget to #treatyoself